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Plan For When You Retire

At any stage of your life, John Lamb helps you plan for a secure financial future. We guide you through the range of investment strategies that are appropriate for your situation and aspirations. We also have the technical expertise required for consolidation projects if your pension arrangements are more complicated. 

When you are approaching retirement, we explore the options for taking benefits from your investment fund along with the tax implications. We find the solution that best meets your needs and circumstances – from buying an annuity or fixed protection policy to drawing down capital, writing a scheme pension or initiating a small administered scheme transfer.


Invest In Your Future

The government has made profound changes to the regulations surrounding pensions over the past few years. We believe these new rules mean there is now every reason to maximise your annual contributions into your pension, which should form the basis of all retirement planning. The upfront tax relief provides an efficient way to preserve and grow your wealth for retirement. Additionally, you will be able to pass on your benefits after you die.

Although the government’s aim is to simplify pensions, any legacy arrangements are likely to complicate your situation. It is important to make decisions that are most appropriate for you and your family. Faced with a great number of choices, we can help you think about your contributions and the type of income you are going to take as well as the implications for other matters, such as inheritance tax.


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"We find the solution that best meets your needs and circumstances."