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Preserve And Grow Wealth


John Lamb’s approach to investing focuses on preserving wealth and enhancing its value in carefully considered ways. Our core investment offering is a range of risk-rated portfolios. They comprise active fund managers with the specialist skills and resources to find global investment opportunities. Working together we select the strategy that best matches what you want to achieve as well as your appetite for risk, and then manage the portfolio on your behalf.



As an independent firm we are free to work with other specialist investment managers and offer an unbiased view on their suitability and capabilities. This position allows us to deliver tailored investment strategies and work within any investment or tax structures you may already have in place. We can also meet specific requirements, such as socially responsible investment strategies.

Our investment process is powered by Independent Strategic Research. This specialist investment firm has a team of investment analysts who use institutional portfolio construction techniques and a blend of quantitative and qualitative measures to find, select and monitor funds to use in John Lamb's portfolios. Our in-house investment committee then vets and confirms this selection at its regular meetings.



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"Our core investment offering is a range of risk-rated portfolios."