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Pass On Wealth Efficiently

Without due care and consideration inheritance tax (IHT) can have a substantial impact on your family’s assets. Finding appropriate ways to mitigate inheritance tax is more than just a one-off exercise and we help you consider the implications within your overall financial plan. Depending on your circumstances, we recommend solutions that can save significant amounts.

We guide you through the various options available – from buying a dedicated insurance policy to giving away what you can afford while you are still alive. If you are looking to find a more immediate solution we offer structured investment strategies that allow you to take advantage of the tax reliefs available. Our experienced advisers understand the issues and technical details involved and can handle both straightforward and complex arrangements.


Tax-efficient Solutions

More families are now affected by IHT following the substantial rises in house prices. Setting up a will should be the first step in any estate-planning exercise, not only to make certain that matters are dealt with in a tax-efficient way but also to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Working in partnership with your lawyer, we can find the most tax-efficient ways to structure your assets.

In order to take advantage of the various exemptions available, many people choose to give to their family or charities while they are still alive. However, it is important to make sure you retain access to your capital should you need it. There are many different options to consider, including complex areas such as equity release.



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"Depending on your circumstances we recommend solutions that can save significant amounts."