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Financial Planning For Life’s Most
Important Issues

John Lamb helps individuals and families deal successfully with the issues that are important to them by making the most of their financial resources, and safeguarding their financial future through effective planning. Our award-winning team of chartered financial advisers, paraplanners and investment specialists have the expertise and experience required to meet all your needs.

People often come to us for advice when something important has happened in their lives – their family circumstances have changed; they are starting a new chapter in their careers; or they are approaching retirement or have already stopped working. Others may be looking for answers to more specific questions, such as consolidating multiple pensions or arranging a life insurance policy – or simply for a general review of their overall finances.


Working together

Whatever your needs, the advice process typically starts with a face-to-face conversation, where you can tell us about your situation and needs, and what you would like to achieve. From this starting point, we will start to create a solution that incorporates our expertise across one or more of the following areas:

  • Investments: preserve and grow your wealth using suitable investment strategies.
  • Pensions: save for retirement and explore the options when you retire.
  • Inheritance: pass on your wealth in effective ways.
  • Protection: plan for life’s unexpected events.
  • Divorce: secure your financial future when you are separating from your partner.
  • Tax planning: mitigate your tax liabilities.


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