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Unlock Capital From Your Property

Following the substantial increase in UK house prices over the past few years, equity release has become a popular way to access part of the capital value of your property. Equity Release involves taking out a loan against your property. The advantage being that you do not have to pay anything back until you sell the house, which is normally on death or when you move permanently into a care home. With our network of lenders we can secure attractive fixed or variable rates for life.


An Emotional Decision

Equity release can make good financial sense. Yet the decision to utilise a release facility is often an emotional one, which many people find difficult to make. John Lamb’s approach is based on providing a personal service through face-to-face meetings, clear advice and involving the family where possible.

With new equity release products available today in this heavily regulated market, equity release is a useful financial planning tool. Working together, John Lamb helps individuals, families and their advisers have an informed conversation about this option when discussing their financial needs or generational plans.


Explore The Options

Most people that choose equity release use a lifetime mortgage. Unlike a traditional mortgage, there is the option for no monthly repayments where the interest is added to the loan. Typically, the loan and interest are repaid in full from the proceeds of the sale of the property.

The homeowner remains the legal owner of their property, while provisions against a fall in value mean their estate will not have to pay back more than the eventual sale price. Equity release can only be used against the principal private residence.


Integrated Financial Planning

As a firm of highly qualified independent financial advisers, John Lamb has the freedom to explore the entire market. We have excellent knowledge of the products available and work with lenders to find the most appropriate solutions. In addition, we have the expertise required for dealing with more complex cases, such as those where the property is a listed building.

With recent changes to legislation regarding pensions and inheritance tax (IHT), planning for retirement and passing on wealth has become more complicated. Our expertise across all areas of financial planning means we are well placed to integrate equity release within a comprehensive solution. This includes arranging the appropriate life insurance to cover the potential IHT liability on gifts made from equity release.

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